Be Mayor of Coral Springs For Three Months- Just fill out the application – It’s Free! CITIZENS STOP THIS SHAM!


Coral Springs FL November 30,2018 : Despite protests from various citizens of Coral Springs, Coral Springs city commissioners Dan Daley ,Vince Vignola and Joy Carter want to put their very  own lacky in the open position of Mayor , Seat 1 of  Coral Springs.  Commissioner Simmons was the lone voice of common sense  at the last city commission meeting saying that the citizens of Coral Springs in the special election a few months away, should be the people to decide on who is mayor.  

Here is the good news.   You can now apply for Mayor of Coral Springs – even if you have no qualifications.   

Not to worry, it would only be for a very short time, maybe 3 or 4 meetings.  You really don’t have to make any decisions, just vote YES to everything that Commissioner Dan Daley and Commissioner Larry Vignola propose at the meeting. – Just like the previous City  Commissioner  Lou Cimaglia did .   It doesn’t cost you any money since there is no application fee

If you do get picked you get a few months worth of mayor’s salary. That works out as follows :

$21,776 per year / 3 months which comes to  $7,000  more or less.  Since there will be only 3 or 4 meetings during that time, you are effective getting paid about $1700 per meeting which last about 3 hours  which comes to $560 per hour!  Wow .  That’s no minimum wage for a part time job!

The real great thing is that you  get to say you were Mayor of Coral Springs. 

You can also put a stop to this sham, by applying for Mayor of Coral Springs.  Confused? 

 All you have to do  is to fill out the application and apply for the position before Noon on Wednesday December 12.    If a few thousand citizens of our city do so, the amount of time that it will take the City Commissioners to interview all of us will make this process futile and force them to wait until the special elections to be called in March .   That’s it.  Just apply.  Don’t even show up if you don’t want to.  They won’t pick you.  But they have to review the application. . Waste a lot of time and perhaps they will change their ways and wait until we citizens have a say and vote for Mayor in March. 

Come on!  You can do this! 

For the application click here.  fill is out, get it notarized by your bank normally free of charge  ( or someone who is a notary  please volunteer and I will post  your name here) and hand it in to the city hall before December 12 at Noon Wednesday.  That’s it.  Then,  the city commissioners who must follow process needs to interview you –  1 or 2 minutes max.   Then despite your qualifications they will pick their own guy no matter who applies –  Judge Weinstein . That’s right . They already have a favorite.  The only hope of stopping them from this is for every one possible 18 years or older ,  to apply for the job.  Here is the  application.  It’s your chance to protest this sham.  Come on….you can do it. 

Of the current commissioners,  three of them voted to build the taj mahal city hall  and spend 40 million of your money putting us in serious debt.  Certainly you could have done the same.  You are as qualified as any of these people.   One is a lawyer kid ,  the other has a degree in Sports, another Real Estate agent and the new kid on the block is a teacher.  No Business Experience amongst the lot.  No Donald Trump deal makers.  Just a few people with no experience in managing a real business making bad decisions on MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our money.   You can do it too!  Apply for the Mayor job!   

No other qualifications needed other than living in this city for 6 months, 18 years of age or older ,  and you fill out the FREE application and bring it into the city by Noon December 12 Wednesday.   That’s it.  If chosen you get a salary, pension, a gavel, health care, and some expense money.  And you get to have your picture as mayor at the city hall.  

I suggest that every student who is a resident of Coral Springs and is 18 years of age or older make an application for Mayor.  This way you get to experience the process of what happens when a few elected officials do an undemocratic process of putting their own person in an elected position without a vote by the public – Just like some of those third world countries.   It will be very informative. . So if you are over the age of 18  – Fill out this application .   That’s it!  Make sure you friends do it also.  

To reiterate:  Commissioners Dan Daley and Larry Vignola  are on a spend spend spend path  and have a history of making bad decisions. They want to make sure their guy becomes Mayor by appointing him so they can usurp the citizens and pass whatever they want to pass in the next few months, after which the citizens of this city will be able to vote on the REAL MAYOR.  By that time Dan and Larry get what they want and we are left holding the debt. 

All of this almost became moot as a some of the commissioners were trying to pull  the wool over everyone’s eyes if not for the Sun Sentinel Article exposing the ruse to the public that three of the city commissioners wanted to fill the position without public participation. 

It’s time to take back this city and stop the progression into bankruptcy that Commissioners Daley and Vignola are proposing.   

Just fill out the application – download by clicking here – and force them to give you at least 1 minute of their time to hear you as to why you are as qualified to be mayor as anyone else  – for two months. 

It’s the least you can do – and does not require much of your time. 

You too can be considered for mayor – no matter what you do for a living or how old you are over the age of 18 years.   $0 cost to apply.   You can do it! 

Author: HelpMeHoward