Broward County School Superintendent Runcie LIED. SAYS NO SRO AT SCHOOL

It is bad enough that we are seeing so many flaws on our system of justice that now we have to  hear that in fact there was an ARMED Officer at the  Stoneman Douglas high school that might have done something to reduce the deaths  at the shooting last week.  More so, is that our Superintendent lied about it – to our faces.

Perhaps the adage that  “if you  really don’t know you should shut up” comes to mind but in a rush to calm the public – Superintendent Runcie told all of us that there was no officer at the school.  He lied to us that evening. He needs to resign.

I already knew that there was an SRO at the school that could have done something.  That is because so many people told me this.  In fact, the only reason we know this is because the younger brother of a victim informed the Sun Sentinel that he and others actually saw him standing doing nothing outside the building while people inside  were being murdered.

Here is what the young student said on Instagram when the story broke and Sheriff Israel had to get ahead of it and called a news conference to tell the truth – that he already had known to be the case- SRO was Yellow.

   ”  When I  saw the artilce that the sun sentinel wrote about Runcie saying the SRO, Scott Peterson was away form the shooting I could not believe my eyes. During the shooting, I ran to the freshman building to find my girlfriend. I was stopped by school security but was right next  to the SRO who was doing absolutely nothing exactly as Sheriff Israel just stated . ( on TV).  We were no more than 50-75 feet away from the freshman buildings, you could hear shots going off inside the building while Scott Peterson was behind a wall doing nothing but talking on the radio.   I reported it to the sun sentinel and they have been pushing the sheriff’s office and school to investigate since.  I reported this to them because people need to be held accountable. If  the staff don’t know what they did wrong, who can  fix it and save lives in the future? If anyone else in school so (sp.) something like what I saw , then  they need to report it to the press.  What happened was the result of system failure on so many levels, however if we keep pushing we can create change so that events like this never happen again ” –  student Stoneman Douglas High School. 

This is not the only item that was missed by law enforcement and continues to be missed.  I was sent an email from a police officer at another city in South Florida misdirected to my email address intended for  In it showed another student that had threatened violence in the past, was in fact still possessing firearms and bragging about it.  The Officer in Coral Springs PD was complaining that they wanted to put him away but the Judge refused to do it.

The NRA’s expression: 

“the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” 

is now:

” The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is stopping the bad guy from getting the gun in the first  place. “

So here we are :

  1. FBI misses clues and does not tell anyone.
  2. Local Police go to the killer 39 times in the past year and do nothing to arrest him or Baker Act him.  Nothing gets recorded on the Murderer’s record so nothing appears on a background check when he applies for a gun permit 1 year ago.
  3. Judges refuse to do the right thing.
  4. Armed Police officer that was supposed to protect the students chickens out.
  5. Runcie lies about it.
  6. Sheriff Israel refuses to put ARMED GUARDS at every school in Broward county.
  7. An 18 year old can buy a AR-15  with the bullets.
  8. The NRA calls for more guns in the hands of teachers.  It is the same as asking for guns in the hand of Dentists. Both are  not properly trained and no doubt may kill more kids if armed than any deranged murder – BUT the NRA sells 4 million more guns so they are happy.
  9. People call for Mental Health background checks even though there is no way to properly record or determine a mental health condition – and they know it – and they know that if they keep pushing this there will be nothing EVER done – Which is ok for the NRA.
  10.  Rubio / Trump etc are beholding to the NRA and sell out our children in return for money for their campaign.
  11. The Florida legislature would rather pass a law preventing pornography than stopping killing at school.
  12. Governor Scott meets with locals conning them into believing he really really cares.  What he really really cares about is that he is going to run for the US Senate and needs the votes. If we don’t give money to him, he is ok, since he will just get more from the NRA.
  13. Trump calls for Mental Health Background check even though everyone else is calling for the very same thing for him – and he does not believe it is a good thing – Even though he has something bigger than an AR-15 – Nuclear Weapons.
  14. Crazy people – including the NRA – want you believe there is absolutely no relation between the amount of guns in the USA  and the amount of gun violence – This is the same as saying that increase in heroin does not bring an increase in deaths due to heroin.
  15. We are still selling GUNS to 18 year olds  Two gun shops in Coral Springs  are within 1 mile of the Stoneman Douglas and 500 feet from a middle school.  However, if you have a store that sells liquor you cannot be within the same distance.  Coral Springs even has an ordinance that you cannot have a Strip Club within 5 miles of a school.  Gun shops – No problem.

The students of the school are now involved in a just cause in trying to get our generation to accept responsibility and step aside while they try their very very best to fix what we have broken.  Their theme song should be  ” We are not going to take it anymore ” by Twisted Sister.  I hope they adopt it.

I only pray that they never give up.









Author: HelpMeHoward