My mother called me up the other day hysterical. She had heard something on the news about Ant Tracks and she wanted to know if I had any of them in my house. Apparently , some terrorist released Ants at a building in Boca Raton, and since I am only several miles away, maybe I was to be infected.

“It’s Anthrax” I replied, “Not Ant Tracks”.

“Whatever” she said. ” Be careful anyway”.

I started to think about this whole ordeal and began to understand what my mother’s last comment really signified. Perhaps through all of this hysteria, whatever, is the only appropriate answer when it comes to people in panic and News Media out of control.

Earlier this week, CNN reported an outbreak of Anthrax at the Boca Raton American Media building. All of the other news stations came out with the same story. One man died, and 2 others have spores in their nostrils. Being a good reporter that I am , I checked to see if the Amtrak train goes through Boca Raton. It does. Strange?

A day later, a hypochondriac checked himself in to a hospital in Virginia claiming to have Anthrax. Again the news media was there early in the morning only to be disappointed that the man was a hypochondriac and had a cold. Not Anthrax. The Amtrak train also goes through Virginia. Coincidence?

It seems that there have been other false alarms all across the country. Grown ups acting like children are being hosed down by Fireman dressed up in Anti-Biological Suits. These people saw some dust on their desks and thought maybe they have been infected with Anthrax also. It was really Ant Tracks on their desk. The Amtrak train went through their city also. Significant?

There is no end to this type of behavior. The hysteria created by the media only produces more hysteria.  Intelligent people are doing stupid things and saying stupid things. Does Anthrax do that? How many of those people have Ant Tracks in their homes. Have they ever taken an Amtrak train?

Maybe this Amtrak train thing is the connection that the News Media has not found out yet. It could very well be the missing link between Man and Ape. Whatever…..


Author: HelpMeHoward