The RAT PACK, Sommerer, Poling and Berk voted to give themselves subsidized health care even though it would cost Coral Springs Taxpayers several million dollars in the future. At the defense of the citizens where Commissioners Brook and Calhoun who during the debate defended an onslaught of personal attacks and innuendo. All of these attacks where made by the Rat Pack to deflect people’s attention to the real fact: Sommerer, Polling and Bourke were giving themselves a Going Away Present.

Rat Pack #3 , Polin stated that he was Offended by Brook’s statements and that Brook shouldn’t talk since he has only been a commissioner for a few months while Polin has been a city commissioner for most of his life. Polin’s tenure happened as a result of  him exempting himself from city term limits.

Then Rat Pack #2 , Maureen Berk opened up and brought up that one of the city commissioners where spending a lot of money on ‘Travel Expenses’, obviously directed towards Commissioner Calhoun. Bark sneakily never mentioned Calhoun’s name. 

All through the city commissioner meeting prior to the Health care Issue, the Rat Pack made sure to mention several times how they are saving the taxpayers money. Preplanned, they made sure that the Health Care issue was brought up late in the meeting when most people would not be watching.

The Rat Pack stuck together like molding cheese and voted for the Health Care Subsidy with Calhoun and Brook helplessly voting against it.

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The Rat Pack


mayor john sommerer


Maureen berk


alan polin

The Rat Pack commissioners have  full time jobs. City Commissioner positions are  part time jobs.  Commissioner Polin is a prominent attorney in Coral Springs, Mayor Sommerer runs an accounting practice, and Commissioner Berke has a retail store. All of these Rat Packers can afford health care by themselves but have decided to be a burden on the Citizens of Coral Springs instead.

What is even more evident is the obvious favoritism and the lack of responsibility towards public funds that they have shown towards their previous rat pack member, Commissioner Straddling. They decided to make the health care retirement benefits retroactive to 1998 thereby including ex-Commissioner Straddling. What is even more remarkable is that they have come out and stated that he is in dire straights and that this is the least that they can do for him. Is this not a misappropriation of public funds?

The Rat Pack seems to feet that   the City of Coral Springs bank account is available  for them to hand out  gifts to whom they please, just because a friend needs the money. Public funds are not to be used for these proposes but, the Rat Pack seems to feel that the taxpayers funds are free for the taking….and they are getting away with it.

Why else did they vote themselves heath care compensation when they have less than 2 years remaining in their term of office?  Why not have them stuff their pockets with he taxpayers money as they leave office? Or maybe, they will vote themselves another extended stay in office so they don’t have to leave. After all they are having so much fun handing out gifts to their friends like Santa Clause.

What next on their clever agenda of going away presents are the Rat Pack going to give themselves? Is there no end to their devious plans? Will no one help . Looks like only Might Mouse can Save the Day.


Author: HelpMeHoward