The public relations pitch that the city of Coral Springs has been using for many years has been ” Coral Springs – Everything Under the Sun.” It is on the signs located at the entrances to the city.

“Everything Under the Sun” includes renting houses daily for AIRBNB customers that are taking advantage of our great community and creating hazards for our neighborhoods.

Rentals have always been a problem with the housing community. When someone owns a property they tend to take care of it. Neighbors get to know each other and look out for one another.

However, in one case in Cypress Glen community a disaster almost unfolded. Gunshots when off in the back yard of a rental home at 5 am on January 31, 2022 , waking up several neighbors that called the police.

LISTEN for yourself to the compressed Coral Springs Police Department Dispatch Radio broadcast describing the incident as you read on about some of the details to this event. Ask yourself if allowing Airbnb rentals in our community is a good thing :

Incident on NW 1st Manor : 5:03 am -1/31/2022 to channel clearing – SIGNAL 0 -weapons

The particular home located on NW 1st Near the corner of 109th ave used to be owned by someone that lived there for many years before moving to California.

They rented the house out to who they thought was someone that was going to live at the home as well. Instead the renter, Tiffani, who lives in New York, rented it out again to AIRBNB. It can only be assumed that the homeowner was not aware of this chain of events. Or were they ?

For this particular day, the Airbnb guests decided to bring weapons into the house. One or more of them fired the weapon outside several times.

The police arrived around 5:10 am, and immediately surround the house. Intel gathered from other frightened neighbors, pinpointed the AIRBNB. The police, when ready , moved in several minutes later. They evacuated the home, and found several weapons ( Signal 0) and bullet casings.

At around 6:30 am it was reported that several police cars were still outside the home. No one saw the suspects taken away.

This is not the only time renters that have no roots in our city have been a problem. In 2001, a monthly renter by the name of Mohammed Atta lived at Tara Gardens. He left there a few days before 9/11 and flew a plane into the World Trade Centers.

It is time the city passed achievable protective ordinances, and took action against those property owners, and renters that take advantage of those that want a peaceful neighborhood. We need to through out the pitch ” Everything Under the Sun ” and replace it with the original slogan used more than 30 years ago ” Coral Springs . The premier city to Live , Work and Raise a family” . At the same time, city commissioners need to do what they can and make this city safe from Airbnb abusers.

Author: HelpMeHoward