CNN, Journalists and Generals: Loose Lips Sink Ships

How to sell your country out for a buck

by Howard Melamed


CNN has a new name. It’s called “Taliban News”. The  American TV networks, their American Journalists  and our retired American Generals are selling us out to the enemy. The problem is that  they are getting away with it and they are destroying us in the process.

Case 1: Bin Laden Before and Bin Laden After

Osama Bin Laden

Before: September..Some location clues


After:  November..he learned his lesson well

One of the most controversial showing ever seen on television of a terrorist was the broadcasting of the statement that Bin Laden made shortly after the killing of thousands of people at the World Trade Center in New York. For the first time ever, our news media carried the message of a terrorist to the entire nation giving Bin Laden exactly what he wanted. His speech terrorized many and gave him an opportunity to use our news reporters for more of his propaganda. What was even worse was the fact that CNN brought experts on their shows that claimed to know approximately where Bin Laden taped the message based on the backdrop of a geological formation shown in the video of Bin Laden in September.  After  CNN and company gave away this information about the ability to locate someone based on geology, Bin Laden wasn’t as stupid the 2nd time.  His latest video taped message now has him in front of a blank sheet where no one can assume where he is. Are we that stupid that we let our news media get away with helping Bin Laden evade our armed forces? Wouldn’t it have been more prudent not to have said anything at all so that the next time, just maybe we would have had a better chance at finding him?

Case 2: Anthrax

I am convinced that CNN and company enticed some twisted individual to place Anthrax in an envelop and kill people. They may very well be indirectly responsible for the deaths of 4 people. CNN as well as the others are doing it to us again by mentioning Small pox and Nuclear terrorism on Television.

Think about it. Not one case of anthrax in 50 years. The American News media decides several weeks prior to the anthrax incidents to broadcast hours upon hours of reports on Anthrax and other chemical and biological weapons. They tell us what it is, how to send it to someone, and what it can do to us. Presto! All of a sudden several cases spring up. How did the news media know? Either someone within their organization actually sent the Anthrax out to make the news, or CNN knew that someone was going to do it.  Or, by merely advertising and giving knowledge to some sick person, the News Media gave them the courage to actually carry it out…on Prime Time! Now the ‘terrorist’ is getting to see us all run around like worried and terrorized. The news media  are even giving away parts of the investigation as to where the government is looking and what evidence they have turned up so far. Must we know this? If we know it , certainly the guy doing it knows it too. It just makes it harder to catch him.

Case 3: Retired Generals

The American News Media are falling head over heels on every retired General of our armed forces to get them on Television so that we, and everyone else in Afghanistan can know what our government is up to. Unless that I have got this all wrong, these Generals are Americans and were taught their skills while doing their duty serving in our armed forces. Not only did they get paid doing so, they also receive all the benefits that veteran receives. Having certain knowledge as to how the Army, Navy and Air Force works, they are displaying  their skills not in the protection of our country but rather giving away the plans to our enemy.

There is no reason for me to know the quantity of US servicemen in Afghanistan nor must I know what type of aircraft are being used and the time they are flying. Are we out of our minds to let our American News Media broadcast the score live to the Taliban and Bin Laden? They even showed a map on television as to where we are looking for him. Our enemy knows more about out armed forces, its capability, its movements, and its plans then they know about their own armies.

Think about what would have happened during World War 2 if the Nazis had gotten a hold of the same information. Better yet, what would have happened to the News Media and the reporters that gave them this information. Would any self respecting American Patriot get on the radio and give our plans away to the enemy..and get away with it? No! But…Our retired Generals are, and our American Journalists are, and so is Dan Rather!

It is time our government does what it needs to do in these cases and arrest those individuals that dare to commit treason against our country and put our sons and daughters of the armed forces at risk overseas. It’s time we got real and realized that 6000 people died on September 11 , and the only ones that are not suffering from the disasters are the people that are getting paid well…Journalists and Retired TV Generals.



Author: HelpMeHoward