Art’s BBQ : Best In South Florida

Coral Springs Fl  – May 1 –   It is a  time where restaurants are a dime a dozen, and when Tony Roma’s left this town because they couldn’t make it.  However, for a US Air force Veteran who was in our armed forces for more than 20 years, the challenge depends on one thing : Great BBQ.  That’s where Artis and Marilyn Holmes came along and opened up their original recipe ( move over Tom Jenkin’s) style BBQ. 

In our fast food city it is rare to see a restaurant run by a husband and wife team.  Marilynn is at the counter and Artis is in the kitchen cooking, and the hospitality shown to each and every customer will keep people coming back for more.  The dishes are authentic southern style, with just the right ‘Bam’, including Ribs and Chicken, with collard greens, and fried okra! Their sauce is better than anything you have tasted anywhere. Eating with the blues being played in the background gets you in the mood, and allows you to relax and enjoy.  However, don’t wait too long until visiting the place as line ups out the door will no doubt occur once the word gets out. 

Art’s BBQ

2070 University Drive ( west side of the road) .



Author: HelpMeHoward