Acting Chief Duncan to become Chief Of Police

Nationwide Search by City for Chief of Police a waste of taxpayers  money

Coral Springs: December 17.2004:

The search for a new Chief of Police undertaken by the city of Coral Springs is underway, however sources within the police department suggest that the ‘Cat is already in the bag’.  In the next few months the city will announce that Duncan Foster , currently Acting Chief will be the new Chief of the police department.

The city states that:

“Duncan Foster is an excellent choice to serve as our Acting Police Chief—he has been with the Coral Springs Police Department for nearly 18 years, working up through the ranks and holding every type of job assignment from motorcycle officer to command of all uniform and investigative operations as Deputy Chief. “

Although this statement is true, the city fails to state that Chief Foster only spent a few ‘quick’ moments at the lower ranks.  According to many within the police department, Duncan was never seasoned as a patrol officer, but instead moved very quickly though the ranks, being instead a good administrator.  Some officers feel that anyone holding the title of Chief of Police should be a seasoned veteran of the police force who has in fact really worked ‘the beat’. According to our sources,  Foster has a thing for shiny shoes, having indicated that his first change to the police force if he takes office will be changing the current dull, safe foot gear. According to some , Foster is about image not about function.

In fact, many police officers feel that the Management of the police department has become a Fiefdom, run by a ‘click’ of officers promoting each other to various positions.  Case in point is that before Chief Arigo announced his resignation, some of his  ‘buddies’ were promoted to several positions. To his opponents, the internal Affairs sergeant who was considered to be too nice by the Chief  was demoted to road patrol.  The question is what role has Acting Chief Foster played in these moves within the department ?

It is important to note that under the leadership of the previous chief of Police, Roy Arigo, the world’s most dangerous terrorist Mohammed Attah, lived undetected in Coral Springs, at 10101 Atlantic Blvd, Tara Gardens development. After 9/11 instead of increasing the police force, the Chief elected to support the building of a 10 foot wall around the police station to protect it against attacks. Although it is not known if Acting Chief Foster agreed with the decision, it is known that Chief Arigo’s own staff were never  allowed to speak out against any of his decisions.

There are some that feel  more time and money must be spent on a local police antiterrorist squad.  Many feel that Homeland security begins at home and that our local police forces can be vigilant and also better trained to cope with local terrorist efforts. No one can state that anyone might of known about Mohammed Attah being an actual terrorist, but no one will ever know if more could have been done to have prevented 9/11.  With a citizen of Coral Springs involved in the worst attack in the history of our country, certainly a new Chief of Police should have more responsibility towards homeland security.

To be fair, it is important to note that Coral Springs Police Department is still considered to be a top police force in our country by some.  Crime rate is under control, and most within Coral Springs consider this to be a safe town.  This was done under retired Chief Roy Arigo.  However, many state that Duncan Foster is no Roy Arigo.

The question is that if the decision has already been made to have Acting Chief Duncan become the head of the police department, then why is the city wasting the public’s money on the pursuit of a candidate that will never be considered?

more to come…..


Author: HelpMeHoward