February 14,2023  Coral Springs Florida .  It’s been 5 years since the murders at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) .   Shot and killed were 14 Coral Springs and Parkland students and 3 adult staff and   17 others were injured.

The murderer was a deranged young  monster later picked up by police while he was walking after he had a milkshake at the local McDonalds.

Since then more children around the country have died due to mass shootings , and more families grieving.

One would think having so many kids horribly killed at MSD would have moved politicians and citizens to come up with something changing the equation: Gun + Bad Guy = People Killed.

Then there is the saying : Guns don’t kill people,  people kill people.   We can’t seem to do anything about people killing people. We can’t seem to do anything about people who kill people from getting guns or buying bullets. No one has any solutions to this equation.

Or ,  ‘The only thing that can kill a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun’ .

This has not been effective way of dealing with the problem, In fact more good people and kids have been killed by bad people with guns.  So where are all of the ‘good’ people with guns and how can anyone really tell the difference between good and bad people, before you allow them to get a weapon in the first place.

Nothing new here.  Same stuff different pile.

The Show

Kids or anyone  killed due to a mass shooter with a weapon leads to the following happening all the time:

NRA tells us its not the guns.

Republicans tell us its not the time to discuss the issue.

Democrats tell us we need an assault weapons band , blame it on the Republicans and the NRA, but never pass anything into law even when they have the house, senate and have the Presidency.

Media shows up telling how terrible it is, shaking there heads asking ‘why’ why why, when the answers is “I really don’t know why”.

Then you have the podium . It is always set up the same way as if it is in some manual somewhere.  Microphone, politicians, police , fire department behind who ever is speaking, each with  hands clamped together in front of their bodies, acting as the backdrop for the media moment.

The police tell us their hearts go out to the victims.  They thank their own police force for showing up so quickly and the Fire Department for arriving on the scene swiftly. They are as helpless as all of us in stopping this. All they can do is reassure us that they will find out why the killings happened.

Then the FBI comes out and thanks the local police.  They have no answers .

The mayor comes out and thanks the police , fire department, the FBI and also makes sure to say something kissing the ass of the Governor .  He then says something like ‘We are doing all we can to ….” something similar . There is nothing he can do and the mayor knows it.

Then you have a bunch of city commissioners,. county commissioners , more politicians as if they are the true leaders of our community.  If they are the true leaders, then they should have taken the lead and done something. However they know they can’t do anything.  Coming out only helps them get re-elected so they can do nothing again.

Then not to be outdone,  the Governor of this or that state needs to come out and say his heart goes out to the families , thanks the Mayor, thanks the Police department and fire department, the FBI, and the understanding of the citizens  ‘we will get to the bottom of this’.  This is a true statement, since we are already at the bottom and can’t go any lower.

The Governor will not do anything either, but looks good at getting reelected so he also can do nothing about it.

Finally the news media takes over with several commentators telling how bad are those politicians and reminding us no one can do anything about the problem unless we take everyone’s gun away , which is never going to happen. Then we get the commentators who want to get into the mind set of the murderer telling us why they did it, when they know they do not know.

Facebook, Twitter, it was all there if only someone , the police of course could have gotten a hold of the 1 out of 110,000,000 tweets a day . If only someone who saw someone put out the hate message or, the parent who didn’t lock up the gun. Someone should have called the police.  It’s those internet service providers who should have some way of identifying bad people sending messages, as long as they don’t look at my messages. We cannot invoke that level of identification and at the same time be upset that the government is listening in on us.

It is always something the police , school teacher, parent, next door neighbor, or someone who knew the killer,   could have done before the mass murder but never gets done. After all , someone needs to be blamed.

Then there is a break for a commercial on the news network, to pay for all of the great coverage.


There are no acceptable answers 

The police always find out some reason as to why someone committed mass murder. Once they do, they share it with everyone, but nothing seems to be done to prevent the next one. It’s mostly the same modus operandi. Troubled individual, hates someone or a group, and gets a hold of a gun with lots of bullets.

From the ‘here we go again department’, comes all of the politicians who say its a mental health issue.  They have done nothing about this since we do not have universal medical insurance no one wants to pursue universal mental health .  No money in it. Not enough phycologist or psychiatrists or even if there were so many, can they really stop a monster ?

Others want to focus on the weapon and the amount of bullets. If it is pistol they say it could have been a lot worse. If it turns out to be an AR15 assault rifle, then they want to ban them even though its almost impossible to do so, given that there are millions of these weapons in the publics hand. They can’t even get the votes in the house or senate.

It really does not matter. Lawmakers will pass no laws to stop it and if they do, the US Supreme Court will make sure to cancel it. They do not even try anymore. The voters do not demand it anymore. We always blame the police who should have foreseen the shooting as if they have some crystal ball to see the future.

Our Mental Health Issue

I think all of this is in fact  a mental health issue.  It is our mental health at the problem. We need our heads examined if we actually believe politicians will finally do so something, anything, about these killings in our country by passing laws to invoke mental health examinations and limit the sale of guns to bad people. They should do something to show that they are doing something.

As I write this article, on the news is another mass shooting. 3 people killed and 7 injured at Michigan State University. Everyone trying to understand his motivation to kill, as if someone will do something about it.

There are movements for change that came out of the murders in Parkland. However there is no movement by the politicians that can change laws to make this country a little bit safer.

Author: HelpMeHoward