Where have all the communists gone? The new C1B1 Virus is a Pandemic.

It is illegal to be a member of the communist party in the United States.

However it was legal,  back in the early 50’s  before we became  crazy with the idea that communism was taking over the country and that this way of thinking was a threat to our national security.  They really weren’t much a threat, given the choice between communism and democracy,  almost all Americans would of course chose democracy. However, most looked at communists as people trying to destroy democracy, and like a pest we needed to get rid of them…once and for all.   But did we?

In ol’ days, it was ‘in’ to be a communists.  They had rallies, they attended conventions,  they used expressions like “Down with the bourgeois” and they of course wanted a society where everyone was equal, and Marxism ruled the waves.  It didn’t matter if you were a doctor, teacher or football player….In a communist society you all got paid the same…at least in theory.

Back then, we knew who the commies were.  We certainly made sure that we ousted our precious democracy from the vermin .  The 60’s we were able to declare the United States of America Communist Free We were rid of the virus of communism in our society once and for all! At least that is what we thought.

Many people can point to socialism as being communist,  but that really is not true. In effect socialism is really an upgrade to the democracy with the government providing its citizens with a level of protection making sure that society continues and benefits.,  This is not the same easy communism where no one has a say in where they are heading, In most socialistic countries in Europe,  Football players (soccer players in Europe ) make millions of real money ( they are paid in Euros.)

The question to ask is where did all of them go?  Is it possible that in our free ideas world that we live in,  that  there are none of these red bastards left holding up their red flag?   I wonder if there is some pesticide that is protecting our country from allowing communists  to flourish. Is it not possible that they have evolved into something completely different, just like other cockroaches would do.  Just when you think you have no more of the bugs in your house,  that is when they pop up, in another metamorphosed form.

After all, if you declare yourself a communist, then of course you would be arrested, chastised , and maybe even deported. I submit to you the concept that all that has taken place since then is that the virus has altered its shape, attached itself to other antibodies and is nothing more than radical left wing ideology now embedded in the left wing democratic party.   Welcome to the new pandemic of the  C1B1 virus…( Pronounce SEE ONE BE ONE) .   

Recent events regarding the attack by the current administration against a news organization declaring Fox News as persona non gratta only typifies what I propose.  In a communist society the government is in control of the news, letting you see only what they feel they want you to see. In the case of the recent attack on Fox News, where the Whitehouse has decided that they are not  a news organization,  only furthers to illustrate my concern the C1B1 virus has infiltrated certain people in high levels of our current administration.

Has it become impossible for anyone to disagree with government without retaliation?  It is the goal of any news organization to citizen the government as they see fit, and it is up to the government to simply prove them wrong.  But at no time, can government control the press.  The first amendment to the constitution is quite clear on this.  Anything else, is communism.  The exertion now is that if I have to worry about retaliation since quite obviously I am at odds with the government.   No citizen of this country should feel intimidated by the people we elected.  And no elected official should be allowed to intimidate any citizen of this country.  This is not a communist society we live in….or at least it is not supposed to be.

Where have all the communists gone? They are still here, those sneaky bastards but they are camouflaged.   That is why I think we should repeal the law that outlaws the communist party .  This would allow people with this ideology  to be heard and seen.   Then all of us,  those that embrace democracy and want to protect it, can see exactly who our enemies are.


Author: HelpMeHoward