It is not often that local talent puts on a professional play in our city. Maybe because we are all use to looking elsewhere than right in our backyard.   I was given the opportunity to see the International Ballet Company practice for the up coming ballet “Nutcracker” performance scheduled for December 1st at the Coral Springs Center for the Performing Arts.  Bottom line: This is one professional production!

Deborah Buttner is the Artistic Director, the teacher for most of the performers.  She has a great deal of experience in Ballet having performed on stages in America, London and South Africa. She is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy  of Dancing in London.   Her local school located in Davie, is the International Ballet Academy, with more than 70 pupils and professional guest artists.

trtertertOne student is Coral Spring’s very own Kiara Ibba, a 4th grade Eagle Ridge Elementary Student.  She has been studying Ballet since she was 3 years of age (she’s 9 now). She is looking forward to performing 3 different characters, including a Russian and a Flower!

Another performer is Simon Slivia, who is one of the main dancers. He has been performing since he was 3 years old (he is at least 18 years now), and comes from parents who are both Ballet Artists. He had mentioned that he did play baseball just like all the other kids. However, being a professional ballet artist is his dream. Next year he will get his wish as he has obtained a scholarship in theLondon Studio Center , the City Ballet of London’s official vocational training school.

Ms. Buttner’s International Ballet Academy also has an outreach program for students that are underprivileged children in our county.  All senior students are required to volunteer their time to the program, and it provides a great deal of joy for those children that are now in contact with Ballet.

With all the good feelings within the International Ballet Company, and the professionalism of Deborah Buttner, the performance of the Nutcracker should prove to be entertaining.  Why not make it an evening?

Presented by:       The International Ballet Company
Date:                     Friday night, December 1st at 8:00 pm
Artistic Director:    Deborah Buttner
Director :               Mary Buttner

Ticket Information at Coral Springs City Center for the Arts,  344-5990

Author: HelpMeHoward