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10-Code Broward County
BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF(BSO) has been broadcasting the Coral Springs Police and Fire Department  radio transmissions using a scanner since we started the site 20 years ago.  We added the Broward County Sheriff department link as an extra, but our focus has always been Coral Springs.

You can hear first hand all of the action that happens in Coral Springs , and appreciate the serious issues that our First Responders face every minute of the day. When we started the broadcast in 2000, the traffic on the scanner was very light . The city doubled in population since then and the amount of action that you will hear is sometimes overwhelming.

What will I hear ?

The feed broadcasts all of the dispatch calls to the police and fire units. There are separate dispatchers that handle Police and others that handle Fire at any one given shift. The scanner we are using constantly rotates between all of the dispatch channels so it is possible to hear the Fire dispatch talking with a Rescue unit to go to a specific address, and a few seconds later another radio dispatcher giving similar instructions to a police unit in support.

When it is a Fire Dispatch incident, it always begins with a series of tones. With the police stream, a tone is only generated in emergency situations.

After listening to the live feed for several minutes , the professionalism and calm that the members of the police and fire department portray is nothing short of amazing. At the same time, when 50% or more of the taxes that are collected by the city go toward the police and fire departments, you will also say that this is money well spent.

The stream is almost live with 3 minute delay. There is no limit to the amount of listeners. The counter that shows how many are currently listening will provide you an indication of what is happening in Coral Springs. When there was a recent bomb threat at one of the schools, we had 777 people online and listening to the CSPD communicate with each other. Several tuned in when there was an active fire at the Nu Sushi restaurant the burned down.

The amount of ‘action’ you will here is always dependent on the time of day, and the day of the week. During the rush hours you will hear a lot of action, and of course late at night – the crickets.


The best way to follow the action is to print out the tables included in this article and have them ready. When a call comes in , start with the 10-Code and the Police Nature Codes ( referred often as Signal)

Bravo 44 , signal 22 at (address), several people involved in a heated discussion. Code 1.

Translation : Hay Fred, there is a distrubance at the address with several people and respond routinely without lights and siren flashing. This is a non emergency call.

Bravo 44 will respond 10-4.


The Police  use the 10 code system to communicate fast and efficiently along with Signals. The Ten Codes provide a quick way of providing information, similar to the play book for Football. 10 Codes are the playbook for Police  that have been training to respond to the incident.

For the Police add additional two items are normally attached the dispatch broadcast. One is the ( Police Nature Codes -see table below) to alert the police of a specific issue , like Signal 0 – armed person) .  These are the descriptions of the type of call the Police or Fire Rescue are responding to.  Here are the Ten Codes used by the the Coral Springs Police .

Added to the 10- Codes are Police Nature Codes providing a description of the nature of the dispatch. For instance, ” Bravo 44, signal 4 at the SW corner of University and Sample road ” Here are the signal codes :


UNIT ID : Radio Identification

The radio system is made up of talk groups and user identifiers. We broadcast two user groups, one is the police department main group ( 5099) and the other is the fire department main group(5035). Any and all radios that communicate in the system have their own unique identifiers ( UID) . This can be either a number ( 7850002 ) where the first 4 digits signify Coral Springs , 7850, and the remaining 4 digits represent the specific unit.

There is a department Unit ID code name indicating which department the officer is assigned to. For instance, Alpha is the evening shift and Bravo is the daytime shift for police patrol units, Tango units are traffic etc. Do not be surprised that when there is a given incident all hands are on deck, and units respond based on the threat level or requirements.

Here are the unit ID codes for the CSPD :

If you are listening with the Broadcastify APP for the Apple or Android, you may see what was already logged in the database to associate the radio id numbers to the Unit ID Code. These will be displayed if there is a match instead of the 7850#### number.

Typical call to the unit by dispatch will be something like ” Bravo 44 , 10-75? ” which is a call from the 911 center dispatch operations to Bravo 44 asking if he or she is ok . ” A corresponding response from Bravo 44 would be “10-4” .

Type of Response : Regular Speed, Silent, and Get a Move on

There are also 3 codes that describe the type of response needed. Code No 1-Normal Run ,  Code No 2-Blue Light Only and Code No 3-Lights & Siren Authorized. For the Coral Springs Fire Department, almost all the calls are ‘Code 3’ since they only roll when there is an emergency.

City Divided

For ease of access and reference , the CSPD divides up the city into 3 district and 27 sectors ( see below) . This allows the dispatch to quickly provide information to the police officers, and minimizes the response times. For instance an incident in sector 51 would be happening in the corporate park.

Coral Springs Fire Department also services Parkland

As mentioned before , the Coral Springs Fire Department services Parkland as well and uses the same 10 Code system as the CSPD as most other First Responder radio systems. For the Rescue calls, you are able to follow the various engine companies in our city as they are dispatched by Station Number – the specific location where they stand by and the type vehicle. See the table below for Station number, location and the Apparatus available at the station. Note that there are 5 Coral Springs fire stations and 3 in Parkland. However none are dedicated to any one city as they all work together to keep both Coral Springs and Parkland covered. As well, many times our CSFD will be called upon to help adjoining cities including Margate , Coconut Creek and Tamarac.

Fire Department Dispatch is a Little Different than the Police

In listening on the scanner, you will know right away when there is an emergency dispatch call from the 911 Fire Department Dispatcher. You will hear a tone generated specifically for the particular station and event. This gets the attention of the units available ( wakes them up if they were sleeping at the station 🙂 ). For Fire Rescue, there are several type of tone. The dispatch will say something like this :

  ” Rescue 64  Structure fire located at ……”

This is dispatch sending the rescue unit from station 64 to a location where an accident happened.  Upon arriving at the scene  Rescue 64 would then respond with:

” Rescue 64  Arrival “

Our Broadcast Equipment

Over the years we have been broadcasting the feed using various radios. We upgraded the scanning system a few years ago when the city spent 12 Million dollars on a new P25 radio system. Of course we did not spend that kind of money on our upgrade :), and had to move toward the new digital system to maintain our service. You will find no advertisements on this free feed. We have been doing this as a service to the public.

For those radio buffs, you must be curious how do we do it.  For the Coral Springs Police and fire Department dispatch we use a Uniden SRS200 scanner.

The  Coral Springs P25 system frequency  includes ID groups that are special to the main channels of Coral Springs Police and Fire departments, namely 5099 and 5035 respectively. These are the main channels. We have tried to eliminate all of the other Coral Springs city departments, like Public Works, and Parks,Building Inspectors , etc, since we believe that the main reason for people to listen is not to the chit chat of those departments but the action of the Police and Fire Departments. Perhaps we will broadcast all the others as well in the future.

We also broadcast on two separate channels, other Police departments in Broward county,  1 feed devoted to North of I595 and the other South. We use  two Uniden BCD996 P2 .BCD996P2 Phase II Base/Mobile Digital Scanner

A Lenovo 4 core computer connected to BlueStream and ATT ( dual Wan) is feeding the stream using PROSCAN software. We use this service since there is no limit to the amount of people that can listen at one time. In the past we served up channel on our own server, which limited the amount of people to 50.

There are several APPS for your cell phone or tablet that you can download and use. Broadcastify has a great APP for iphones, ipads and androids. You can search for the feed using as a tag. Having the APP provides you with Tags and additional data that is interesting.

We would appreciate your feedback concerning the quality of reception, and any problems you may have with connecting to us.  comments: email us by clicking on Contact Us Tab.