Coral Springs Police and Fire Scanner – LIVE! has been broadcasting the Coral Springs Police and Fire Department  radio transmissions using a scanner since we started the site 18 years ago.  You can hear first hand all of the action that happens in Coral Springs , and appreciate the serious issues that our First Responders face every minute of the day. 

What you are hearing is the police and fire dispatch channel which are delayed on purpose between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. During the rush hours you will hear a lot of action, and of course late at night – the crickets.

We have plenty of bandwidth for people connecting to our server and we also use  with the broadcast title . This provides unlimited access to the broadcast.

The average amount of people listening at any one time is about 6.  The peak happens when there is a specific event happening and people want to know what is going on.  For instance,  during the Parkland shooting,  there were more than 50 people tuned to this broadcast wanting to know what was going on when the news reports were scarce.  Those listening in were able to follow the arrest of the killer.

For the Rescue calls, you are able to follow the various engine companies in our city as they are dispatched by Station Number – the specific location where they stand by and keep the vehicles.

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ALPHAMidnight Shift
BRAVODay Shift
CHARLIEAfternoon Shift
FOXTROTOff Duty C.S. Officers
GOLFSvc Aides/Report Writers
HOTELOff Duty Parkland Officers Tactical
JULIETJuvenile Division
KILOCriminal Investigations
MIKEDay Afternoon Shift
PAPABSO Helicopter
QUEBECCadets / Mounted Unit
ROMEOCommunity Services
SIERRAChiefs Office / Admin
TANGOTraffic Division
WHISKEYBike Patrol
XRAYCommunications Division
ZULUK-9 Unit

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The Police and Fire Rescue use the 10 Code system to communicate fast and efficiently along with Signals ( to alert the police of a specific issue , like Signal 0 – armed person) .  These are the descriptions of the type of call the Police or Fire Rescue are responding to.  

You may hear a tone generated that gets the attention of the units available. For Fire Rescue, there are several type of tone. The dispatch will say something like this :

  ” Rescue 64  Signal 4 at….”

This is dispatch sending the rescue unit from station 64 to a location where an accident happened.  Rescue 64 would then respond with:

” Rescue 64 is  10-51″

which means they are on their way, and  10-97 when they have arrived. By measuring the time between the 10-51 and the 10-97 you get the response time.  One other note: There are also 3 codes that describe the type of response needed. Code No 1-Normal Run ,  Code No 2-Blue Light Only and Code No 3-Lights & Siren Authorized.

click here for the 10 Code System used in Broward county

Our Equipment:

Uniden Patrol-II ( Server )

WinAmp DSP

We would appreciate your feedback concerning the quality of reception, and any problems you may have with connecting to us.  :  comments: email us by clicking on Contact Us Tab.