July 4 Reflection – Fireworks Made in China

July 4th  is the celebration of the independence of our great country from England. It is the celebration of the birth of our ideology and the start of a new concept to that period of time. The concept of Freedom and Democracy. Then isn’t it ironic that the ‘holy’ holiday of independence is being consecrated with Fireworks produced by a communist nation that doesn’t have any respect for our values? The fireworks that we use to sparkle and explode our declaration of independence are made in communist China. As Americans, we should be ashamed in using them on this Holiday.

Perhaps, the radical concept of buying only from those countries that respect or have similar values is too complicated for the average American to understand. Simply put: by purchasing a product made in Communist China, you are supporting a culture that stands completely opposite to us.  By using those products you are in fact promoting the communist propaganda and allowing them to continue to abuse their population.

It is in communist China that child labor practices are those of the dark ages, and that the mere concept of ‘Freedom’ is stamped out of existence whenever possible.  Perhaps you didn’t realize that the fireworks you are using to the delight of your children, are being packed and produced without regard to safety by children in China the very same age as yours.

It is not a radical concept to not buy from a company that does not share the same values as us. How many people stay away from Wal-Mart because of their attitude towards women workers or how about the whole Denny’s fiasco? Then tell me, why is it that we elect to place our heads in the sand when it comes to China and the way they trample on human rights?

I was on Los Olas last weekend and walked into one of the many great clothing stores that remain open at all hours to obtain your business. I walked into the Tommy Bahamas store, and picked up a fabulous looking cotton shirt. I looked at the label. Made in China.  The price of the shirt was $95.00.  I am certain that the shirt did not cost more than $1.00 to make in China. $94.00 above cost is an  incredible price considering some poor soul is getting paid neither an equivalent wage to our American workers nor do they have the same rights as us. Sure there is a lot more that goes into a shirt, such as the cost to ship it across the ocean, the cost of labeling it, and packaging…However, couldn’t these Tommy Bahamas people pay $5.00 for the shirt,  and buy a Made in America product? They would still make a fabulous profit  and at the same time allow us to support the American Worker.  We then would not give the communists one American Dollar which they could use against us.  In case you forgot or didn’t hear the news, China is shipping arms to Cuba. 

How is it possible that we forget or choose to ignore the facts of life in this great country of ours.  Is it really about money? I mean would you pay an extra few dollars for a made in America shirt if you really knew the kid in China that was forced to make this product? I wonder if you saw the face of the children packing that fireworks you are displaying to your kids, would you decide not to buy it, no matter how cheap they want to sell it to you?

Perhaps it is time we came to our senses and decided that on July 4th we are going to be true Americans. We will not use products that are made in a society that doesn’t respect our values. We will not set off Fireworks made in China. Maybe then the true power of the United States will be felt in China. Maybe someday some child in China  can enjoy their own July 4th celebration using fireworks Made in America.  I am certain you would celebrate with them the day that the children in communist China are allowed to celebrate their freedom just like our children.

Just a thought…..Happy July the 4th!

Author: HelpMeHoward