Coral Springs Fire Department Relax: We got you Covered

It is extremely unlikely that Coral Springs would be a target for a Terrorist Chemical or Biological attack. We have no strategic importance and there are no federal facilities in our city. Unlikely as it may be,  the Coral Springs Fire Department is ready willing and able to take on any Biological or Chemical Attack.

A chemical attack in the Coral Springs Area would be treated no differently than any other hazardous material spill ” says Chief Don Haupt, Chief of the Coral springs Fire Department. When Chief Haupt was hired one of the first items that he took care of was to make certain that the Coral Springs Fire Department was up to speed in “HazMat” conditions, which translates to Hazardous Materials.

It turns out that the Fire Department has recently received special Chemical and Biological Suits so that they can tackle any Biological and Chemical hazard that may come up. The department also has special equipment that can not only detect chemical agents but analyze them and determine what they are. This on the spot analysis translates into safety for us all. Knowing what they are dealing with , allows them to properly attack whatever terrorist agent that may be involved. From that point, the right decision can be made to eliminate the threat of the chemical.

Not only are our fire fighters trained and prepared in HAZMAT conditions , but several are certified in Anti-Terrorism Training. That allows them to handle terrorism attacks and to properly train against them. Currently the Fire Department is taking inventory of the possible Chemical Hazards that currently exist in this city. With that knowledge the Fire Department is making recommendations to companies with known hazardous materials to minimize the danger to us. The Department also enters all aspects of the hazard into the computer system database. If there is a problem, the particular location can be called up on the computers that the firefighters have. They can immediately put the proper actions into motion to deal with the potential problem at the location. All this being done before they arrive on the scene 4-6 minutes later.

“There are things being done right now that are not within the public knowledge” stated Chief Don Haupt. I guess some things are best left alone and not discussed out in the open. It is good to know that the Fire Department is prepared.

There are some definite benefits to this heightened state of alert. We have better protection with better equipment ready and willing to tackle whatever may come our way.

Still don’t believe me? You can keep in touch with our Police and Fire Departments by listening to the 911 Dispatch on our website by clicking here.Coral Springs Police and Fire Department Scanner .

Rather than worrying or thinking about events unlikely to happen, let’s trust our professionals and go about our business. Relax…The Coral Springs Fire Department have us covered!


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Author: HelpMeHoward