Coral Springs Election Dirty Tricks Sun Sentinel Uncovers Plot

Coral Springs, FL – January 28 2006 :  Fort Lauderdale’s daily newspaper, the Sun Sentinel has uncovered a plot by a certain Coral Springs resident to try to influence the upcoming March elections for Mayor.  In a remarkable piece of undercover ‘Deep Throat’ type of reporting, Sun Sentinel’s Buddy “the gadfly” Nevins, found out that typing in links the infamous site  “How can that be?” Buddy said to himself, and proceeded to contact Scott Brook who is running for mayor. In an apparent plea bargaining and lack of any sort of intestinal fortitude, and not wanting to associate himself with anything that has to do with ‘smarts’ Scott quickly fingered Howard Melamed editor of What a scandal! What a scoop! What…..wait a minute.  Who really cares?

From Sun Sentinel’s Buddy Nevins Column of January 28 2006:

“Coral Springs Commissioner Scott Brook says he wasn’t responsible for an Internet dirty trick that transferred anyone clicking on to Former Mayor John Sommerer is Brook’s opponent. Turns out, the trickster was Brook’s supporter Howard Melamed. At last click, anyone seeking lands on Melamed’”

Here is Bud’s email:

—–Original Message—-
From: Nevins, Buddy
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 8:23 AM

Subject: A couple of questions

Howard Melamed: Scott Brook says you were behind the move which sent Internet users seeking to be switched to True? The Internet users are now transferred to Any reason for that?


Buddy Nevins
Political Columnist/Writer South Florida
Sun-Sentinel 200 E. Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33322

My Response

Hi Buddy,

I cannot confirm or deny that I am the brains behind the to ‘ scandal’. When I was searching to put everyone candidate’s link on the website I entered and found that it went nowhere. I looked it up and to my surprise it was available. Four dollars later I bought it and pointed it to Scott’s site as sort of a statement. In this day and age of the internet, a candidate that does not even have a website, or want to spend four bucks on it, or doesn’t even know how to do it, is not someone anyone should vote for.

Scott had nothing to do with it nor the balls to sit back and have a good laugh at it as well. I had mentioned it to him one morning at Starbucks and we both had a good laugh. He sent me an email saying that he was uncomfortable with it and asked if I can point it somewhere else. Obviously he has future political ambitions other than being king of Coral Springs.

Meanwhile, there really is no harm done since no one really knows to enter . It is a fresh domain name so no search engines pick it up, and , as you know in Coral Springs, less than 5000 people will show up at the March election to vote. Other than me spreading the rumor, and now you talking about it, the world of influence concerning the is truly a small one. I question the sphere of influence that has concerning the website and the so called select few voting internet users in Coral Springs seeking more information on John. After all, he was Mayor for 10 years. If they don’t know him by now, he doesn’t deserve their vote.

Feel free to call me to discuss this or anything else.

Best regards

Howard Melamed

Nuff Said!.


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Some Special Emails to us ……

If the information in the sun-sentinel is true about using john sommerer ID to link to now, then i will automatically vote for John Sommerer.  What Mr. Melamed did, if accurate, was sneaky,underhanded, and bordering on unethical in my opinion. 
I will never knowingly vote for anyone Mr. Melamed endorses. 
Let me know if the information in the sun-sentinel is incorrect and I will be happy to change my position. – B. L.
Unethical? What a laugh. Read the website and it is clearly stated what was done.  However, if I have influenced your vote in anyway, then it was easily influenced to start off with. You probably never voted for anyone I endorsed anyway. In fact, even stating that you would rather vote for people that I don’t endorse leads me to believe you never really find out what each candidate represents. You probably are a ‘John Sommerer’ supported trying to figure out why the hell he never ever decided to get the domain name to start of with.  Where is your sense of humor?
Using your analysis means that if I want you to vote for John, then all I have to do is support Scott. If I want you to vote for Scott, then all I have to do is support John…. 
How about making up your own mind and vote for the candidate that you think would do better.   Or….you can let me make up your mind for you…one way or the other. – Howard



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