Live broadcast

NEW CONNECTION NOW IN PLACE CLICK HERE presents the live broadcasts of  the Coral Springs Police and Fire Department

You can hear the action first hand and appreciate the serious issues that our public service professionals face every minute of the day. 

If no connection, you need to download one of the programs listed in the information below. Now you can have both broadcasts running at the same time since we combined both mono feeds that used to be on 2 separate channels into one stereo feed that allows you to listen to both Coral Springs and Broward County at one time. If you only want one, just slide the balance control to either left or right and you’ll have either one listed above.


ALPHA Midnight Shift
BRAVO Day Shift
CHARLIE Afternoon Shift
DELTA Sergeants
ECHO Captains
FOXTROT Off Duty C.S. Officers
GOLF Svc Aides/Report Writers
HOTEL Off Duty Parkland Officers Tactical
INDIA Training
JULIET Juvenile Division
KILO Criminal Investigations
LIMA I.D. Unit
MIKE Day Afternoon Shift
OSCAR Chaplains
PAPA BSO Helicopter
QUEBEC Cadets / Mounted Unit
ROMEO Community Services
SIERRA Chiefs Office / Admin
TANGO Traffic Division
UNIFORM Motormen
WHISKEY Bike Patrol
XRAY Communications Division
YANKEE Gang Unit
ZULU K-9 Unit

What will I hear?
Everything that is said on the radio by both the Police and Fire Departments. Both departments have their own code system, and that’s why we provide you with the tools necessary to understand. Located on the left bar are various choices that give you a greater understanding of what’s going on. Feel free to discuss what you hear on our bulletin board system. Remember! What you hear cannot be used for commercial use and of course illegal use.

How do I listen?
In order for you to enjoy the police broadcast, you’ll need to have special software called a “player” loaded on your computer. Don’t worry the software is free! The Player Software does all the work of taking the audio from our site and translating it into a format that you can hear and watch on your computer.

First check to see if you already have a media player capable of playing our stream:

Click on this sentence Now!

If  a player doesn’t come up , or the player that you have says “Cannot Connect” then you need to download one of the players below.

WE HAVE TESTED OUR STREAM WITH  WINAMP 2.71 OR HIGHER. Some people say that they can use REALPLAYER 8, but we don’t recommend it yet. .

WE RECOMMEND USING. ONLY THE WINAMP SOFTWARE AT THIS TIME (If you find others that work please let us know.)

IF you do not have a WINAMP Player click on one of these then follow the instructions below the program:

Be Patient!  Sometimes there is no transmission for a few minutes.

Still having problems?

To check the status click here: STATUS

Click here for the 10 CODES. The Police and Fire Rescue use this system to communicate fast and efficiently.  There are also Signals listed on the same page.  These are the descriptions of the type of call the Police or Fire Rescue are responding to.   You may hear something like this  ” Rescue 64  Signal 4 at….” This is dispatch sending the rescue unit from station 64 to a location where an accident happened.  Rescue 64 would then respond with ” Rescue 64 is  10-51″ which means they are on their way, and  10-97 when they have arrived.  By measuring the time between the 10-51 and the 10-97 you get the response time.  One other note: There are also 3 codes that describe the type of response needed. Code No 1-Normal Run ,  Code No 2-Blue Light Only and Code No 3-Lights & Siren Authorized.

We have limited our broadcast to only the Police, Fire, and Fire Rescue. We lockout ID 784 as this is used by the police for information when stopping motorists for speeding, and is not too exciting.  We can support twenty users at the same time  and we are still testing the service from time to time.  So if you are experiencing problems connecting, please try again later 🙂

Our Equipment:


We would appreciate your feedback concerning the quality of reception, and any problems you may have with connecting to us.  :  comments Click here to email