Pulling a fast one : Some Coral Springs Restaurants Adding Tip on TAX.

When you are presented with the bill at a restaurant in Coral springs, some of the restaurants  show a tip percentage to make it easy for you to figure out what you.

One Sushi restaurant I ate at last night,  actually showed three categories”:


18 %

20 % .

What ever happened to the 10%  ???

So now, to make sure you are given the “fresh fish” , you fell obligated to leave at least 18% regardless of how good the service was or if you thoroughly enjoyed it.

To make matters worse,  so of the restaurant are adding the tip to the bill based on the total, which is the cost of the food  + the 6% tax.   This is what I call a real screwing. Take a look at the bill on the right .   The Amount is $48.67  which includes the 6% tax.  The rates are calculated on the AMOUNT.   15% should have been $6.86 .  Instead you paid 16%.  That does not sound like a lot of money,  but to the restaurant or waiter/waitress it adds up to a lot a week.  This gratuity is for you to decide on the amount – not them, especially if you did not enjoy the meal  or had bad service.

One  restaurant in Coral Springs reported adds the 18% tip to the bill, and presents you the total, ie Food+Tax+ 18 %  and leaves the tip line blank.    The waiter does not even tell you that the tip was included.

Now, you add another 18% to the bill, unknowingly you have been  Stewed ( or screwed).

Not so fast.  this is up to you.

Check  your bill.  Make sure you are paying the correct amount based on the actual food cost and not the inflated government tax  added bill. Check the tip line and make sure  are not being too generous  with your money.  After all this is not Boca, its Coral Springs, where some  restaurants do very little to upkeep their places , have sagging ceiling tiles and don’t care about customer service.

There are a few restaurants that are different and do provide exceptional service and have a nice place too.  Here is the list of the places I would recommend and you are free to add comments to this article to tell us about your experiences.

Meanwhile here are the recommended family owned local places that you can count on and have spent money on their facilities :

Cook and the Cork 

Tavolino Della Nonna


Big Bear Brewery

Falafal Bistro



Author: HelpMeHoward