Time to Move Ahead – Traveling to France and Israel in the New Realty of Covid-19

Tel Aviv, Israel,  10/23/2021 –   America  was isolated from the business world for more than 18 months and last year exports for our business were a fraction of the years before.  However, we live in…

Columbus Was an Idiot
Holiday or Not!

Columbus Day should be the  holiday to remind us just how stupid we all really are.  Just think: we are celebrating an explorer  commissioned in 1492 by the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella  to…

Email: Devil to Governor Desantis
Great Move Stopping Schools Enforcing Masks Policies
Keep up the good work
You got my Vote!

The good news is that every death since your decree is now on your head.  This means you get to play with big boys when your time is up you will be welcomed down here with and outstretched arm.

Are Those UFO’s Really Alien Spacecraft or Should You Vacation in Buffalo New York.

The big deal these days seems to be that the US government decided to release videos of unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) dashing about at speeds impossible to imagine.   My immediate thoughts are how come only…


Politicians prey upon people’s emotions, and thrive on the publicity from the event

From the Pursuit of Shooter by CSPD to His Arrest : Listen to the May 27th Incident Recording of 911 Dispatch

On May 27th at 5:11 pm, two girls were shot, one fatally by a suspect identified as one of the boyfriends, 18 years of age. He fled on foot. A pursuit ensued by the Coral…