HURRICANE IRMA – Be Prepared with these Tips on Weathering this Storm

Now that the National Hurricane Center has indicated that we will positively 100% without a doubt be hit by the largest, biggest, unbelievably powerful storm of all time, rather than panic, I am choosing to write. I am quite tired of CNN and everyone else telling my how bad it is going to be.  I…

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Stop Thief! Idiot Breaks into Coral Springs PD Car and Steals Handgun – CSPD Needs Your Help

The Police are looking for your assistance in trying to identify the male seen in this video, who obviously is looking for trouble since he broke into a police vehicle and stole the gun. ( I hope the doors were locked). The attached surveillance video shows a subject suspected of burglarizing a police vehicle in…

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Rider of Motorcycle Killed in Crash on University Drive, Occupant of Vehicle Unharmed

POLICE DEPARTMENT 2801 CORAL SPRINGS DRIVE CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33065 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Detective Ernesto Bruna Office: 954-346-1301 Cell: 954-495-1646 May 25th, 2017 Rider of Motorcycle Killed in Crash, Occupant of Vehicle Unharmed A crash on May 22nd, 2017 between a motorcycle and vehicle resulted in the death of the driver…

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Social Media helps in locating missing woman Nancy Melissa Fitzgerald, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances was last seen on May 12, 2017. Detectives worked many leads and utilized social media in an attempt to locate her. The use of social media paid off early this morning in Margate, when detectives received a phone call from…

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Coral Springs Male City Commission Lack Balls : Two Qualified Women Employees Lose to Less Qualified Male from Texas For City Manager Position

Jennifer Bramley and Susan Grant, two deputy city managers who have been with our city for more than 15 years, make it to the final 4 candidates out of 46 for the position of City Manager.  Instead of going with who you know, and superior qualifications, the city commissioners, 4 out of 5, all males,…

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Make Our Airports Safe Again! Sheriff Needs to Review Security At FLL

I was stunned to learn of the killings at the Fort Lauderdale airport yesterday.  The scenes on the news of people running for cover and the chaos that insued, false alarms,  and 5 innocent victims dead and 8 people in the hospital .  All of our prayers go out to the victims. Our praise goes…

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Should Sheriff Israel Immediately Place Armed Officers at our Schools?

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