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There is Nothing Wrong with Wishing People a Merry Christmas !

I think it is time that political correctness needs to yield to common sense and being polite.   No one should fear or get upset about being wished Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays on the other hand, seems to indicate something that the government would tell me.  What does Happy Holiday mean anyway? Nothing.  It is same sort of message that you get when you are waiting on the phone for a customer service representative and you are told “please stay on the line….we appreciate your business.” They don’t appreciate our business, and I don’t appreciate anything generically said just to…

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Timeline from BSO of Parkland Killings

Click here for the report of the timeline produced by BSO. MSD-Timeline-summarized-Media-3-8-18

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Coral Springs Commissioners to Make it’s Citizens Pay For $40,000,000 City Hall + $18,000,000 increase in Spending by a Massive Property Tax Increase

If you are a homeowner in Coral Springs or own a commercial property,  expect to get  an increase of 35% in city property taxes ( actually it’s  34.89  % , see page 32 of the budget by clicking the photo on the right )  . That is  unless of course you can convince the city commissioners not to do it at a special budget meeting called on Tuesday the  19th of September at 5:15 pm. Follow me on this.   Download the 2018 Proposed Budget for yourself by clicking on the link on the photo  or here. It is easy to…

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