At the last city commission meeting, the Coral Springs Police Department received $75,000 for the purchase of 102 M-26 Advanced Taser Stun Guns. The purchase will allow the weapon to be carried by all police officers in the city who will be fully trained in their use. Currently Tasers are  under consideration as being used by pilots and Air Marshals as an effective weapon against possible hijackers and rowdy passengers.

The Stun Gun is a non-lethal weapon. The M-26 Advanced Taser that the police will be buying fires twin barbs attached to wires. The barbs attach to a target and delivers a five-second jolt of electricity. The barbs don’t need to touch the skin and they can zap people through 6 inches of clothing. It is also  effective against animals.  One of the features of this particular weapon is that it records the date and time fired, how many times fired and for how long. This information protects police from lawsuits and reduces the temptation to abuse the Taser. When they come in contact with the body, a pulsating current induces involuntary muscle spasm and the person looses motor control.  According to the police department,  This electrical charge has been proven to be medically safe  and no harmful effects have ever been observed.

The police needed to purchase the Stun Guns in order to more effectively carry out their duties. The use of a stun gun rather than a conventional pistol will immobilize rather than wound or kill a person who is resisting arrest. According to Roy Origo, Chief of the Coral Springs Police Department, this non-deadly form of immobilization goes a long way in protecting the public.

The purchase of the weapons are being funded by the  Law Enforcement Forfeiture funds held by the city from the proceeds of the sale of  items ceased during drug enforcement operations. They are not being paid for by tax dollars.

The Taser Stun Gun is currently being used by more than 563 Police Departments nation wide.

Author: HelpMeHoward