Is Coral Springs a democratic city?

To preface this article, allow me to give you a couple quick facts about the city of Coral Springs.

  1. Coral Springs is the 12th largest city in the state with almost 130,000 residents.
  2. Believe it or not, it also has a two to one Democratic voter registration advantage.
  3. The last time the city voted for a Republican Presidential candidate was back in 1988 (before some of us were even born) and has not been represented in the state legislature by a Republican since before our district was moved in 1982.

That being said, as we know it, the city of Coral Springs is controlled by, you guessed it, Republicans! (Wait, what?)

Coral Springs has non partisan elections, like many other cities. Some believe that because of this, the republican party is able to keep control over the city, as they are not challenged by the democrats due to their stronghold in the city, some believe distorting the governing and taking the city in the ‘wrong’ direction. Another reason why the Dems have no bench in this state- the local party doesn’t do its job. The Broward Chair blocks every effort when an attempt to change that is made.

The City of Coral Springs – Everything under the sun?

The issue of partisanship in the city became evident once the first of the current batch of commissioners was elected into office. Slowly, but ever so steadily, the right wing overtook the commission and the city careened off its path dramatically. The question here is, do the residents of Coral Springs feel fairly represented? In other words, do you feel as though your voice, as an individual, or a household, or a business, is heard? Many would answer with a “no”.

What can we do to become heard within the city that we aren’t doing already? Comment below with your thoughts!


Author: Gulie Carrington