Elect Andy Kasten Seat #3

With so many decisions to make for the upcoming elections on November 3, the one that affects us most in the pocket book is the local city commissioner elections. This is where most of our property tax money ends up, right here in Coral Springs, and these commissioners end up spending it . Sometimes they spend it wisely and other times they burn it like paper.

That is why you need to elect someone that has been invested in the city and has not only been involved but has made a difference. Andy Kasten has made a difference.

It’s not the fact that I know him and he ran my first election ( the one against Roy Gold ) or the fact that he did not vote for me when I ran against Lou Cimaglia ( yep he actually voted against me – lost that one by 102 votes ), it is because he is the most qualified to represent us in seat #3. He also plays Ice hockey and a pretty good defenseman. At the city commission we need some that can check and keep the other commissioners checked.

This is an easy choice for all of us. Vote for Andy Kasten , City of Coral Springs City Commissioner Seat #3.