Eagle’s Nest Subdivision named after Adolph Hilter’s Alpine Retreat

I always thought that the founders of this city of Coral Springs truly represented White Bread America. That is,  everything here in Coral springs, complete with the city motto “The best place to work, live and raise a family ” combined with the city government overregulation to insure this  pristine city that has no homeless people and not  a soup kitchen, is designed to keep home prices high.   However, as soon as the partner to the city, the great and massive developer  Coral Ridge Properties left town, and we are  fending for ourselves, do we nowsee the true spirit of what they left us.  That is,   over abundance of rental properties, apartments etc, that have raised our crime statistics,  increased the stress on our police department , and raised our taxes. Over course some will argue that our taxes have not been raised, but those of us who really know what is going on,  where the city has changed the taxes into ‘hidden taxes’ called franchise fees ( see the article here),  would beg to differ.

Right now the city is embarking on changed the zoning of  the old Broken Woods Golf course located north of Sample Road, and east of University.   Our oldest golf course fell into bankruptcy a few years ago,  and many of us so called golfers who used this course would tell you that Broken Clubs,  is not missed.  However, a smart developer picked up the property and is now before the city to once again, rezone property for multifamily apartments which of course once again puts additional pressure on our police  force and other infrastructure which will once again force the increase of our taxes and lower the property values in the area. This very same development has in fact lead me to examine other developments around the city which were developed by WCI in their quest to move forward with the Best Place to Live Work and Raise a Family.

How does all of this relate to Hitler and where am I going with this? Welcome to the discussion about a subdivision in Coral Springs know as Eagles’ Nest , a  town home development north of Atlantic Boulevard and east of Coral Ridge drive.

Eagle’s Nest has some nice looking houses in it.   Built in the 80’s and 90’s several Eagle Trace wannabees that is , those people that couldn’t afford the at the time,  high cost homes on the other side of the street in the gated community known as Eagle Trace bought homes here.  There is an Eagle’s Nest Apartments  and Eagle’s nest Drive and  a private charter school called Eagle’s Nest Elementary School.   What’s most incredible about this particular community is that strangely enough is one of the few places on this planet that is named  the same as Hitler’s country home in Bavaria,  Eagle’s Nest referred to in German as Kehlstenhous.   Oops.  You mean no one told you?   Oops again. 

“Situated 1834m above sea level in one of the most strikingly beautiful locations in Germany if not Europe, the Kehlsteinhaus, also known to many as the “Eagle’s Nest“, is a building steeped in history. Commissioned by Reichsleiter Martin Bormann as a fiftieth birthday present for National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler, theTeehaus perched at the summit of the Kehlstein mountain in the Bavarian Alps has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Germany.”

The website to this is http://www.eagles-nest.de/en/index.php .  I suggest you take a look at the namesake.

How is it possible that a subdivision is created in a partly Jewish community ( Coral Springs is about 30% Jewish) can  be named after a well known Alpine country home of Adolph Hitler, the world’s worst murderer?  I am sure many would be curious, but since  I am the only one that has found out this information in a world that boasts of  Internet Search engines changing our intellectual landscape, is even more bizarre.  Now that you are informed of this incredible fact,  as a  Coral Springer , you will no doubt do absolutely nothing about it.  In fact, to do so, would be so out of character in a community where less than 10% show up for an election, and 90% complain about the result.

Eagle’s Nest ( Coral Springs version)  was not around  before the holocaust.   The now defunct Coral Ridge Properties,  managed at the time by  Hermann Buntmeyer , was in charge approving every name and every development in Coral Springs.  Someone had to know that  Eagle’s Nest was the common name for the alpine retreat that was given to Adolph Hitler for his 50th birthday present by Martin Bormann, a Riech leader and head of the Nazi party chancelory!  After all,  the 70’s was only 30 years from the 40’s .

TO have “Eagle’s Nest”  stay as a name in our community  is an abomination of the motto ” The Best Place to Live , Work and Raise a Family. ” In fact,  I am trying to find out where our city founders stole this phrase and can only wonder that may have come from some Nazi speech translation as well.

I am quite sure that many people will take offence to this article and to the knowledge that someone else has actually found out what I am sure to some Nazi sympathizer in our community, (remember our city was after all also home to Mohammad Atta),  that this was an inside joke.

The most interesting part of this article is that fact that all of the above came about when a Coral Springs citizen wrote me an email asking me what I thought about the new nameless multifamily subdivision that is about to be approved by the city.

Perhaps we should take care of not only what type of subdivision that we approve,  but let’s due a more thorough search of the name that they are about to use as well.   At least that way,  we can swallow the spoon filled with the stuff the developer and the city want to feed us.


Author: HelpMeHoward