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    Commissioners Change Meeting Date: Fool DOT COM

    At 6:35 p.m. December 5, Tuesday night. It was cold out. Real cold. One of those winter Coral Springs days, where the chill just runs through your body. Not even the crickets that I was accustomed to hearing outside of the city hall commission chambers were chirping. That’s how cold it was….60 degrees. I wasn’t…

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    Coral Springs Police Give Chase Hunt Down Armed Robbers

    In our quiet residential neighborhood, at 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday May 29 the Coral Springs Police Department hunted down 2 armed robbers in the southern Coral Springs area. It all started in Coconut Creek at approximately 11:00 P.M. on the corner of Holmberg and 441. There, a lady in a Porsche got out of her…

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    With a proud look of accomplishment, Coral Springs City Manager Michael Levenson announced tonight that an agreement has been reached bringing to the city , the Regional Headquarters of the #1 largest furniture retailer in the United States, Rooms To GO. Securing Rooms To Go was a major accomplishment for Wally Eccleston of the Economic…

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    It is not often that local talent puts on a professional play in our city. Maybe because we are all use to looking elsewhere than right in our backyard.   I was given the opportunity to see the International Ballet Company practice for the up coming ballet “Nutcracker” performance scheduled for December 1st at the Coral…

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    CITY SHORT CHANGED? Who’s running this show?

    When we ran our  story “White Elephant” last week, we didn’t realize to what extent the problems with the City Centre really was. In fact, the entire article was based upon a few phone calls, the city budget report. In a nut shell: It’s worse than we thought. To correct the article, we are really…


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