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Press Play on the audio control above to start listening into the live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments

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Midnight Shift
BRAVODay Shift
CHARLIEAfternoon Shift
FOXTROTOff Duty C.S. Officers
GOLFSvc Aides/Report Writers
HOTELOff Duty Parkland Officers/ Tactical
JULIETJuvenile Division
KILOCriminal Investigations
MIKEDay Afternoon Shift
PAPABSO Helicopter
QUEBECCadets / Mounted Unit
ROMEOCommunity Services
SIERRAChiefs Office / Admin
TANGOTraffic Division,
WHISKEYBike Patrol
XRAYCommunications Division
ZULUk-9 Unit

If you are wondering what you are listening to on the scanner, it all really makes perfect sense.  Every police and fire department uses codes to limit the amount of time spent in conversing over the radio.  Codes also allow for the quick exchange between the professionals pinning down quickly what the situation is and what is need to be done about it.

For the police department , the first item that you will here from a dispatcher is the Unit ID Code. "1 Charlie 24" can be described as follows:

1 - Coral Springs (3 is Parkland)

Charlie - Charlie Shift (see table on the right)

24 - Sector or location within the city.

The fire department will be called by there station number and equipment type: Engine 80 means that it is the fire engine normally at Station 80.

Ten Codes are normally issued by the remote unit or person in response to either an action that he/she has taken or responding to a request by either the Dispatch or another person.

Signals further specify the type of situation that the police officer or fireman is to expect when given the instructions by Dispatch.

Finally, for the Fire Department , Clearing Codes are issued by each person or unit given a call to respond to. They indicate the final disposition of the call.

When listening to the transmissions I would suggest keeping a pencil handy. Mark down the codes and signals. Cross reference them with our lists and see if you can follow the action.

Click here for either 10 Codes , Signals, or Clearing Codes


  TEN CODES:  These are the standard 10 codes.
10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Acknowledgement Rec'd.
10-5 Relay To
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out Of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat-Conditions Bad
10-10 Out Of Service- Subject to call
10-11 Dispatching Too fast
10-12 Passenger
10-13 Weather/Road Cond.
10-14 Convoy Or Escort
10-15 Prisoner In Custody
10-16 Pick Up Prisoner At
10-17 Conduct Investigation
10-18 Expedite Assignment
10-19 Return To Station
10-20 Your Location?
10-21 Call Station (phone)
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Standby
10-24 Trouble-Send Help
10-25 In Contact With
10-26 Message Received
10-27 Complete Record OK
10-28 Check Registration
10-29 Stolen And/Or Wanted
10-30 Against Rules/Reg.
10-31 In Pursuit
10-32 Is D.O. Opr. Available
10-33 Emergency Traffic
10-34 Jail Break/Trbl. Station
10-35 Confidential Info.
10-36 Correct Time
10-37 Operator On Duty
10-38 Block Road (s) At
10-39 Message Delivered
10-40 Out For Meal
10-41 In Possession Of
10-42 Out Of Service-Home
10-43 Any Traffic For
10-44 Pick Up Papers At
10-45 Call____By Phone
10-46 Urgent
10-47 Blood Run
10-48 End/Did You Receive
10-49 Serving Warr. Capais
10-50 Stop Veh. (tag 10-20)
10-51 En route
10-52 Est. Time Of Arrival
10-53 Coming By Office
10-54 Negative
10-55 Car Calling To Car
10-56 Meet......At.....
10-57 At Pistol Range
10-58 At Road patrol Office
10-59 Send Teletype/Comp. mag.
10-60 Assist To Motorist
10-61 Need R.P. SGI On Scene
10-62 Need R.P. LT. On Scene
10-63 Need Bomb Squad (scene)
10-64 Need Crime Lab (scene)
10-65 Can You Copy
10-66 Cancel
10-67 Serving Civil Process
10-68 Legal Advice/Advisor
10-69 Send Narc. Agent
10-70 Send Wrecker
10-71 Send Ambulance
10-72 Send Helicopter
10-73 Open Gate S.O.
10-74 Re-Call
10-75 Are you OK?
10-85 Vacation Watch
10-86 Medical Hazard
10-88 Phone #
10-89 On Pager
10-90 Scramble (code ABCD)
10-91 Tactical Freq.
10-92 Info. Freq.
10-93 Detective Needed
10-94 Send Back-Up Car
10-95 Computer Check
10-96 Radio-Telephone Patch
10-97 Arrived At Scene
10-98 Completed Assignment
10-99 NCIC / FCIC Hit
10-100 Alert-Remain Contact With Station By Phone
10-101 Log On Digital
10-102 Log Off Digital
10-103 Ack. Digital Mag. Screen
10-104 Computer System Down
10-105 Send Jail Wagon
10-106 Medical Asst, Needed
10-107 C.R.U. Requested

Code No 1-Normal light - Routine
Code No 2-Blue Light Only - Expedite
Code No 3-Lights/Siren - Emergency

O Armed And/Or Caution
1 Drunk Driver
2 Drunk Pedestrian
3 Hit And Run
4 Accident
5 Murder
6 Escaped Prisoner
7 Dead Person
8 Felony
8M Missing Person
8R Runaway Juvenile
9 Stolen Tag
10 Stolen Car
11 Abandoned Vehicle
12 Reckless Driver
13V Suspicious Vehicle
13P Suspicious Person
13I Suspicious Incident
14 Information
14 911 911 Hang-up
14A Animal Complaint
14N Noise Complaint
14prk Parking Complaint
14PRP Property Damage
14SOL Solicitor
14TRF Traffic Complant
14VCO Violation of City Ordinance
15 Special Detail
16 Child Obuse
20 Mental Ill Person
21B Burglary Business
21R Burglary Residential
21V Burglary Vehicle
22 Disturbance
22DOC Disturbance conduct
22DOI Disturbance intoxication
23 Pedestrian/Hitchhiker
24 Kidnapping/False Impr.
25 Fire
25ARS Arson
26 Drowning
27 Prowler/Peeping Tom
28 Riot
30B Bicycle Larceny
30P Petty Larceny
30G Grand Larceny
30FA Grand Larceny, firearm
30FEX Larceny Fire Extinguisher
31A Assault
31B Battery
31S Stalker
32 Suicide
33 Shooting
34 Stabbing
35 Rape
36 Fight
37 Juvenile Trouble
38 Domestic Trouble
38S Standby, Domestic Distrubance 39 Neighbor Trouble
40 Criminal Mischief
41 Robbery 41O Armed Robbery
42 Child Molest
43 Lewd Lascivious Acts
44 Boat-Water Accident
45 Airplane Crash
46 Bomb Threat
47 Vice Case/Confidential Information
48 Open Door
49A Audible Alarm
49F Fire Alarm
49S Silent Alarm
49V Vehicle Alarm
50 Labor Trouble
51 Trespassing
52 Forgery-Counterfeit
53 Embezzlement-Fraud
54 Hi-Jack
55 Explosion
56 Beverage Violation
57 Drug Case
58 Unlawful Assemblies
59 Fire Bombing
60 Sniper Fire
61 Gambling
62 Racial Trouble
63 Impersonating Law Officer
64 Theft, Auto Parts
65 Shoplifter
66 Civil Matter
67ILL Ilness
67INJ Injury
68 Police Service Call
68L Lockout
68S Standby - Keep Peace l
69 Loose Farm Animal
70 Animal Bite
71 Snake Call
72F Found Property
72L Lost Property
73 Child Abuse
90 Extortion
91 Resisting Arrest w/o violence
92 Resisting Arrest with Violence
AOJ Assist other jurisdiction
Additional Signals Used only by Police and Fire Rescue
102 Auto Bike Accident
104 Auto Pedestrian Accident
106 Person Fallen
110 Body Pain
112 Diabetic
114 Heat Emergency
116 Syncopal Episode
118 Unconscious
120 Chest Pains
121 Chest Pains ( not cardial)
122 Abdominal Pain
123 Respiratory arrest
124 Respiratory (Other)
125 Hyperventilation
126 Pheumothrax
127 Cardiac Arrest
128 GI Complaint
129 GI Bleed
130 Diarrhea
131 Strove / CVA
132 Cancer
134 Poisoning
136 Stabbing/Cutting
138 Amputation
140 Bite/Sting
142 Drowning
144 Overdose
146 Suicide Attempt
148 Assault
150 Sexual Assault
151 Medical Alarm
152 Mutual Aid
153 Emergency patient Transfer
154 Maternity
155 GYN Emergency
156 Obstetrical Delivery
157 Urinary Problem
158 Electrocution
159 Hazardous Materials
160 Industrial Accident
161 Marine Accident
162 Other/Unknown Condition



BBlocked Fire Lane
CHandicapped Parking
DFire Code
ECode Enforcement
BFire Unit
CRescue Unit
DSheriff Unit
EPublic Works Unit
FUtilities Unit
GOther City Unit
HOut of Police Unit
IOut of City Fire Unit
JOut of City Rescue Unit
KOther Agency
F12Turned Over to Police Unit/DepartmentAPolice Unit
BFire Unit
CRescue Unit
DSheriff Unit
EPublic Works Unit
FUtilities Unit
GOther City Unit
HOut of City Police Unit
IOut of City Fire Unit
JOut of City Rescue Unit
KAir Rescue Unit
LOther Agency
F13ClearedAOn Arrival
BBy Communications
CBy Police
DBy Fire
EBy Rescue
FBy Responsible Party
GNot Needed
HBy Complainant
F14Intervew(s) Conducted
F16Report Not Required
F17Notification Not MadeAMessage Left - Written
BMessage Left - Verbal
F18Detail AssignmentACompleted
BNot Completed
BNot Completed

Unable to Locate

F21Unfounded/False Call
F22Vehicle Towed
F23Responsible Party Refused to Respond
F24AlarmAUser negligence/Error
BEquipment/System malfunction
FOther, Explain
GCancelled by Alarm Company
HSmoke / Steam Scare
F25Patient Refused / No Bill
F26Transported ToACoral Springs Medical Center
BNorthwest Regional Hospital
CWest Boca Community Hospital
DNorth Broward Medical Center
EBroward General Medical Center
FUniversity Hospital
GUniversity Pavilion
HOther Hospital
F27Unit Failed To Clear
F30Rescue Performed
F31Hazard Removed
F32Salvage Work
F34Trauma AlertANorth Broward
BBroward General


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