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Press Play for live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments

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    “There is no business like show business!” When the  Coral Springs City Centre  was first built, everyone described it as a landmark for Coral Springs,  as it was one of those things that people thought would put us on the map. A few years later, a major renovation had to take place because, this mecca…

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    Commissioners delay decision on Gas Station

    Direction of Ground water a concern Coral Springs currently has 29 gas stations in its boundaries and it is quite unclear as to why at the city commission meeting of June 6, the city commission has objected to one more. Hess Oil Company representatives asked for approval regarding a combination convenience store and gas station…

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    City Commission Meetings: Best Seat in Town!

    Coral Springs , May 11, 2000  (updated May 12,2000: Employees don’t get overtime pay at city meetings) (updated May 17,2000 added City Commissioners Email Addresses) (Updated June 7,2000: Changed from topic of meeting to Theme of meeting) I find it strange that for a city the size of Coral Springs, commission meetings are not well attended….

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    Broward County Gives Boy Scouts Bum Rap!

    It seems as though that the world is going completely insane these days. From removing prayer from schools to removing helmets from motorcyclists, is there anything that can top the waste of time that government is engaged in at the expense of taxpayers money? Well yes there is, this whole issue about those dangerous, mentally…

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    The Covered Bridge of Coral Springs

      For the ‘ol timers in Florida’s Coral Springs community, memories of long past are only 30 or so years, as the history of Coral Springs is very short. The city was only established a few decades ago and there has not been as significant of a landmark since the Covered Bridge located on 95th…


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  • NEW FLORIDA BUILDING CODE: Foxes in the Hen House?

    by Howard Melamed August 6 First Draft On January 1 of 2002 the entire state of Florida will be under a new Florida Building Code. In the wake of trying to standardize the construction industry in the state, our politicians have left us with a code that might compromise the quality and safety of construction….

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