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Press Play for live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments

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    Fire at Sugar Mills Apartments Quickly Extinguished

    Engine 80 Arrives at the Scene, starts to fight the fire. Smoke can be seen on the 3rd floor At 10:15 in the morning, the fire department was called to a  fire at  Sugar Mills Apartments, 9900 Riverside Drive.  Apparently, a Peruvian guest, his first time in this country was  staying in an apartment on…

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    Gas Prices in Coral Springs: The Big Rip Off!

    The cost of property per square foot in Coral Springs is about the same in the North or South parts of the city, so then why is the price of gas different? For that matter, why is the price of gas different in this city even if it’s the same company?   Take Shell for instance,…

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    COMMISSIONER ‘FIX’ UPCOMING ELECTION BECOME LIFE TIME MEMBERS by Howard Melamed Section 4.09. Limitation on terms of office for commission members.All persons elected to service on the city commission on and after March, 1996, shall be limited to eight (8) consecutive years in service on the city commission. A. In the case of a two-year…

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    70,000 Hits and Counting!

    As we are approaching almost one year since we started , a brief point in time allows me to ponder about our goal and mission. No I am not going to bore you with another ‘Mission Statement’ , but rather give you some insight as to my thought pattern and ‘raison d’etre’ of With…

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    Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    I am happy to say that is now officially 8 months old. I use the word “Officially” because that has been the source of much thought as other websites in Coral Springs try to compete with this one. What other websites? Good question. The only other one is the City Government Website,, which…


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  • NEW FLORIDA BUILDING CODE: Foxes in the Hen House?

    by Howard Melamed August 6 First Draft On January 1 of 2002 the entire state of Florida will be under a new Florida Building Code. In the wake of trying to standardize the construction industry in the state, our politicians have left us with a code that might compromise the quality and safety of construction….

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