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Press Play for live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments

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    I know what you are thinking. Yet another article written about dieting. In fact I am an expert dieter and I believe that I have as much knowledge as any of the experts that we see on television including Dr, Atkins! So what have I tried?  Let’s see.  I have tried:  The Famous Peanut Butter…

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    The Future: Buying a Car Online

    First let me tell you the truth. I will make $40 if you buy a car by clicking on the banner on my website.  I am not a car salesman. That is what  pays for the use of our website space for their advertisement.  At least you  know what I make on…

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    Car Rolls Over: Seat Belts Save Lives

    Police constantly tell us that wearing your seat belt may save your life someday. Ask the occupants of this vehicle if they agree or disagree. The Ford Escort was going southbound on Coral Ridge Drive and the pick up truck was heading west. Apparently, one of these two drivers went through a red light.  The…


What is your impression about the New City Hall building on Sample Road

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  • NEW FLORIDA BUILDING CODE: Foxes in the Hen House?

    by Howard Melamed August 6 First Draft On January 1 of 2002 the entire state of Florida will be under a new Florida Building Code. In the wake of trying to standardize the construction industry in the state, our politicians have left us with a code that might compromise the quality and safety of construction….

Luck has Nothing to Do With Success! The SCIENCE of OPPORTUNITY

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