Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Monument adds some history to Coral Springs

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This January, we had the pleasure of unveiling the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument at the Northwest Regional Library on University Drive here in Coral Springs. To contrast some of our previous endeavors in terms of art and the appreciation of art within the city, which has been questionable at best, this piece works as a great addition to put the focus more on what our city is lacking; history.

The monument was beautifully built using Lac Du Bonnet Pillar (coral colored granite) which stands for equality, freedom of speech, unity and democracy. Many from the city gathered to watch the unveiling, but also to take in the artistry of the piece, done by artist Dari who hails from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Officials from Coral Springs get ready to view the unveiling of the monument

Coral Springs prepares to view the unveiling of the monument

To learn more about her and her work, including her activism and pieces that focus on civil rights and equality, visit

“As the fundraising chair for the city of Coral Springs/MLK committee, and member of the Martin Luther King monument committee, I was so proud to unveil the monument of Dr. Martin Luther King jr. This Monument now sits at our Northwest Regional Library right next to the 9/11 monument. Dr King’s legacy is about tolerance and inclusion,” says Coral Springs resident, Grace Carrington.

“We have a very multicultural city that we celebrate” she continues. “The erection of this monument is a symbol of that tolerance an inclusion for all to see when they visit the great city of Coral Springs.”

If you would like to become a part of this, or make a donation to the monument, and become a “People of the MLK monument“, you will receive a donor booklet and an invitation to all future dedication ceremonies and events. If you’re looking to get more involved with Coral Springs, or have suggestions such as these to bring character to the city, it is important to let your officials know!

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