The Killing of 17 Children at Stoneman Douglas High School

The murder of 17 children at the Stoneman Douglas High School is a tragedy that in the 18 years I have owned the website, I never thought I would have to write about.  It was bad enough in having to write about 9/11 2001 when another killer, Mohammed Atta, lived in our community before…

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Trump Demands Ransom to Allow Dreamer Immigrants to Stay : $13,888.90 a Head for Freedom. SHAME ON US!

It is completely outrageous that anyone in this country contemplates that there is a price to be paid per head of anyone for their Freedom.  That is precisely what is being talked about by President Donald Trump, the Republican  and  Democratic Parties. It is disgusting. Donald Trump told the Democrats that if they want Freedom…

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City of Coral Springs Bankrupt ? Vote NO on March 13 on $75,000,000 Bond “Credit Card”

Is the city bankrupt ? Not yet – but they are  behaving like we are with desperate attempts  like calling  a special election on March 13th at a cost of $180,000 to get as few people out as possible that may vote  against their  $75,000,000 General Obligations bond.  Why the rush? They could have waited…

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Over Budget and Late : Coral Springs New City Hall is a White Elephant

Back in September, I wrote an article providing factual information concerning the new city hall and taxes and shared two points: The City Hall is over budget. The City hall is behind schedule in its opening for December. I also said that the increase in cost for this Taj Mahal white elephant will be a…

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Coral Springs Commissioners to Make it’s Citizens Pay For $40,000,000 City Hall + $18,000,000 increase in Spending by a Massive Property Tax Increase

If you are a homeowner in Coral Springs or own a commercial property,  expect to get  an increase of 35% in city property taxes ( actually it’s  34.89  % , see page 32 of the budget by clicking the photo on the right )  . That is  unless of course you can convince the city…

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The Three Musketeers

From Auschwitz in Poland to Dachau In Germany…. How a 13 year old boy now 84 year old Coral Springs Resident found a way to keep himself and two friends alive in a Nazi concentration camps by Howard Melamed rev 4 01/28/2015 ( fact corrections ) I met a true human being. A man once…

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