Does the President’s Use of His Cell Phone a Security Risk ? Yes and Here’s Why

I have been following the news about President Trump and the fact that he has decided to circumvent his security protocols and use his personal phone.  This is putting our country and our President at risk. As an expert and engineer  in RF communication technology  I can state with 100% certainty  that equipment exists which …

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Suspect in the Area

ALERT – The Coral Springs Police are warning women, specifically in the Wyndham Lakes area, about a dangerous suspect who attempted to sexually batter a victim when she was walking along Wyndham Lakes Blvd. (south) during the early morning hours of April 9, 2018. A black male, believed to be in his 20’s, with an average…

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Vote is in! Citizens SAY NO GO to $77,000,000 of GO Bonds: City Commissioners Spending Habits – Stopped!

The citizens of Coral Springs have voted against the city commissioners putting more debt on their heads.   They did not take the bait of politicians  trying to pull the wool over the their eyes by placing three bond issues  totaling $77,000,000  on a March  election that history has always shown  has a low turnout. Only …

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Timeline from BSO of Parkland Killings

Click here for the report of the timeline produced by BSO. MSD-Timeline-summarized-Media-3-8-18

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Coral Springs Commissioners to Make it’s Citizens Pay For $40,000,000 City Hall + $18,000,000 increase in Spending by a Massive Property Tax Increase

If you are a homeowner in Coral Springs or own a commercial property,  expect to get  an increase of 35% in city property taxes ( actually it’s  34.89  % , see page 32 of the budget by clicking the photo on the right )  . That is  unless of course you can convince the city…

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The Three Musketeers

From Auschwitz in Poland to Dachau In Germany…. How a 13 year old boy now 84 year old Coral Springs Resident found a way to keep himself and two friends alive in a Nazi concentration camps by Howard Melamed rev 4 01/28/2015 ( fact corrections ) I met a true human being. A man once…

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