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Coral Springs Florida , Nov 7 2012:    The citizens in Coral Springs have in their infinite wisdom elected  Dan Daley,  a 22 year old “Kid” as city commssioner. The good news is that city commission meetings now have to end early because he has to be home before curfew.

I am not sure if people really looked at his resume but how big can it possibly be given that he is only 22 years old?  No doubt he has extensive experience that made him qualified to become a commissioner:  His previous Paper Boy job or perhaps Lawn Mower cutting or Bag Boy at Publix gives him a unique perspective and a significant raise over his allowance.   What were all you thinking?  Perhaps the fact that Daley was some sort of famous name…or you really hate dentists.

It used to be that a city commissioner needed to have some qualifications, that people wanted a certain standard for the position but all of you have now moved the bar to a new low perhaps allowing anyone with any qualifications to run and win.  What is great is that now at least all those IPads that were purchased by the city for commissioners who do not know how to use them now can be put to good use as the Twitter age now hits our city.

At least Dan will have four years to grow up and gain experience. Then, who knows, from what he learns from our city politics, he can even run for President….Maybe not..because at least for president  you need to be at least 35 years old.

Vince Boccard, a man of experience has been elected mayor of the city.  Vince is not 22 years old although he would love to be that age, and has been a Coral Springs city commissioner.  The good news about Mayor Boccard is that he takes his job seriously, wants to provide conservative leadership which should promote lower taxes, and smart spending.

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