Columbus Was an Idiot Holiday or Not!

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Columbus Day. Perhaps we need the holiday to remind us just how stupid we all really are.  Just think we are celebrating an explorer who was Italian and commissioned to find the passage to India by a king in Spain in 1492. I mean he is credited with discovering America but landed in Haiti thinking he was in India.  He was an idiot.  He names the natives after the country he thinks he is in and calls them  Indians. They call him an idiot. 

What did Columbus discover? He discovered that there were other people who were here 8000 years before him.  Crediting him with discovering America is like crediting Al Gore with discovering the Internet. 

Not only did he think Haiti was India, but in his log book he calls Cuba, China and thinks that he was only a few hundred miles from Japan. 

Columbus was not a great explorer, but rather a businessman. He specifically writes in his memoirs about the treasures that he will bring back, and that the Indians would be good workers.  He was also involved in the slave trade.

Columbus was an idiot, and a racist. Why we have a holiday honoring him is a great question for whichever idiot decided to have a Columbus Day. Perhaps sometime in the future we can have Idiots Day and honor Columbus and any one like him.

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