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    Free Lunches and Other Perks For City Commissioners Need to Stop.

    Slogan “ Everything Under the Sun” was not supposed to apply to Spending Habits of 4 City Commissioners as  Commissioner Expense Report shows wasteful spending prevelant.   – by Howard Melamed Coral Springs, Florida  05/20/14 City Commissioners have a fiduciary responsibility to spend taxpayer money wisely, since it is not their money.   In my review…

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    City For Sale?

    Sitting Coral Springs Commissioners Receiving Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists and Companies Doing Business  with the City – Stinks Coral Springs, FL 01-02-14: Our City Commissioners that are running for re-election have been taking campaign contributions from companies that require them to vote in favor of their contracts.  Our city code of ethics allow them to…

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    The GANG of Coral Springs: VOTER BEWARE!!

    CORAL SPRINGS CITY NON-PARTISAN? NONSENSE! It’s Time to End the FARCE Coral Springs FL : November 24,2013 :  If anyone really believes that our city election is  non-partisan, then I can sell you some swampland in the Everglades.   Come to think of it,  we are in the everglades. The Coral Springs non-partisan election for city…


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  • NEW FLORIDA BUILDING CODE: Foxes in the Hen House?

    by Howard Melamed August 6 First Draft On January 1 of 2002 the entire state of Florida will be under a new Florida Building Code. In the wake of trying to standardize the construction industry in the state, our politicians have left us with a code that might compromise the quality and safety of construction….

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